“ SHOWA invests in further expansion of Guatemala Manufacturing in Puerto Barrios facility to meet growing demand. ”

SHOWA Group’s investment in Guatemala production is both planned growth and innovation via expansion

As a global glove manufacturing company, SHOWA invests in capacity expansion in the USA, Alabama, in single use nitrile glove production and Guatemala  in supported and unsupported chemical protective gloves simultaneously.  The most recent expansion broke ground in Q4 2020, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, and will start making an additional 2.4 millions pairs glove capacity early 2022.

SHOWA Group’s presence in Guatemala dates back 36 years, with an operational glove facility in Guatemala City and Puerto Barrios. With a current capacity of 50 million annually, the expansion will more than double capacity by 2024. The growth stimulates the economy with over $12 million investment in the region. Additionally, it will create approximately 300 new jobs in Puerto Barrios over the next several years.   

SHOWA’s Guatemala investment is a strategic continuous effort of our global vision to expand capabilities to serve our markets and all our customer needs at the same time with new and extensive chemical protection product range.

Six new  chemical protective gloves were recently launched to market (CS700, CS701, CS711, CS710, CS720, CS721) as an achievement made possible by the tireless efforts across our global organization to harness SHOWA’s manufacturing, research & development, and safety capabilities. The reusable, unlined products from Guatemala are versatile in industry-specific markets, e.g., viral protection, food processing, manufacturing, automotive, and a broad range of municipal services.

SHOWA range of Biodegradables chemical protetives gloves

SHOWA’s innovation legacy is extended with Eco Best Technology (EBT) commercialization with many unsupported and supported Guatemala-made products. We have built centers of excellence that integrate our biodegradable technology into all product categories to reduce impact on the environment and EBT is the critical ingredient that allows SHOWA to extend the biodegradable family of products through all gloves categories. SHOWA’s EBT range includes single-use, unsupported, and supported products for all industries and trade. 

A full chemical protection service with ChemRest platform

In addition to EBT, SHOWA launched its CHEMREST solutions platform to choose the proper hand protection for industries and individuals. The CHEMREST platform consists of three pillars of protection. “ChemRest isn’t just a product, it’s a turnkey chemical protection platform built on three core pillars: Educate, Evaluate & Equip, each designed to protect against chemical hazards”.

SHOWA’s Guatemalan investment is strategically significant as its location is in the Northern Hemisphere and the Central Standard Timezone (CST). The geographical location allows for much faster transit and lessens the impact on the environment. Shipping time from Guatemala to the U.S. ports is approximately 5-7 days. In comparison, transit time from SE Asia to the U.S. ports can be 30-45 days. So, just as our Fayette, AL facility can reach customers in 1-2 business days, the Guatemala locations allow for a timely response to demand without the extended transit times that are more harmful than from S.E. ASIA. SHOWA’s vertically-integrated business model for manufacturing ensures consistent product quality and strict controls of the raw material to the finished glove. Thus, SHOWA can shrink its carbon footprint while supporting essential workers quickly, from the factory to the end-user.

                SHOWA protective gloves

About SHOWA Group

SHOWA is synonymous with the highest degree of hand protection and innovation. We pioneer revolutionary technology and create over 1,800 gloves, each meticulously engineered to provide the perfect protection for the task at hand. With 58 patents owned and more than 100 researchers and developers dedicated to making our best even better, we blaze a trail for our industry without imitation. SHOWA’s unparalleled quality is achieved through 100% integrated manufacturing, giving us complete control at every design and production stage. Our gloves are created better to perform better down to every fiber, unleashing new potential for hands at work.



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